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Provider of operational solutions to the public and private sectors in our four areas of service:
Operational Knowledge Management; Professional Training and Mentorship; Enterprise Web, Social Media and Collaborative Services; and Research, Writing and Publishing Support.

Topsarge Business Solutions, LLC is a  Central Texas-based provider offering Operational Knowledge Management consulting and training services in collaborative techniques, business and knowledge management assessments, and champions the use of digital and social media tools for staff process management.

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TBS is the creator and founder of the Community of Practice, a highly successful 7-year grass-roots project that I led in the commercial space until its adoption by the US Army as a best-of-breed community. Initially known as the award-winning NCO website, it was migrated to the then-centerpiece of Army knowledge management, the Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS).

In 2010 TBS began providing expert advice and consultation on Operational Knowledge Management to a US Army Corps. We established a fully operational KM Cell and guided the creation and development of the staff and processes that followed the fundamentals of Army Operational KM. We assisted in the development of a Community of Purpose for the Army warfighter community. We were the founder of the US Army KM Officer Symposium and led the Army Team that resourced and held those forums.