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Strategic Planning

Our Philosophy on Strategic Planning

Planning in a single session yields zero opportunities for critical thinking and typically only results in a rehash of current business practices. Instead, our multi-engagement planning process takes place over iterative sessions that are spaced approximately two-weeks apart that extend beyond a singular process. This measured approach better allows participants to research salient points, participate in dialogue, and listen more effectively. From this process, a valuable strategic plan emerges.

A Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) serves its clients as a high-quality Project Management, Leader Development, Training, and Research firm. With more than 12-years of corporate experience as a federal prime and subcontractor, TBS has grown our technical capability and experienced staff through quality delivery and a history of successful performance. We actively practice an inherent culture of respect within the company, and equally with our customers and to our competitors. Our mission statement is focused on our clients as we strive to help you “Create Change One Leader at a Time.”

How We Workshop

TBS leads workshops and a strategic planning session for clients, selected champions, stakeholders, and key personnel for the purpose of creating a long-term and viable Plan of Action to provide oversight, management and to become good stewards, which leads to enduring change and to create a more viable community. These planning sessions will focus on best practice and “how-to” and follow SMART management of programs, all while working from within to create a long-term strategy to ensure the future success of your organization.

Structured workshops are created to ensure that participants are being presented with the best methods to develop new skills we discuss with ACQ executives their learning objectives and goals to create an effectively designed agenda. We map those goals to expected outcomes determined during planning sessions or meetings and workshop design and preparation. We do this in order to better synthesize FAA and ACQ requirements to ensure they are adequately and accurately integrated and properly addressed in workshops and organizational development sessions. Those key outcomes include developing activities that support ACQ’s mission, vision, and values.

Customized for each Client

We customize and design around the unique needs of executives and management after a request has been made for a Workshop. Once received a meeting and workshop design and planning session is held between TBS personnel and the clients to gather information and determine expected outcomes. Our subject matter experts develop products that allow workshop attendees to be able to immediately apply and address end-state expectations. TBS consistently delivers workshop plans, including creating an agenda. Once approved and prior to any meeting or workshop, we request approval to finalize an agenda.