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First created as a digital collaboration project in 1991, Topsarge Business Solutions, LLC (TBS) has transformed to a Project Management, Business Services, and Content Creation firm that provides contract writers to the public and private sectors. Relocated to Texas in 2008, TBS serves state and federal agencies as a full-service provider of expertise. Our personnel brings decades of management and leadership experience in operating in complex environments. We use high-quality Associates who are certified and skilled experts, interviewers, managers, as well as all our back-office support staff. Each professional is dedicated to the successful completion of our client’s projects.

  • Research and Data Mining – Skilled in conducting research at a variety of facilities such as libraries, archives or research centers, as well as conducting oral interviews, surveys and internet searches. We work with all types of formatted content, including digital, audio, video or print media.
  • Writing, Editing and Digital Content – TBS and our Associates include experienced and published writers, authors and editors who are proficient in a variety of mediums including conducting and transcribing oral interviews, preparing copy for articles or blogs, and social media content creation and management.
  • Content Management and Online Community Facilitation – We specialize in social interaction, community development and facilitation, and customer relations management tools. We create strategies in how to best use collaboration tools such as content or learning management systems for customer relations management. We create or mature an organizations’ online presence through community interaction and involvement by creating and delivering high-quality content.


Stackpole Books, Mechanicsville, PA

Writer and Editor. The NCO Guide, 10th Ed. (Book), 418 pgs.

As a consultant TBS personnel were contracted to revise copy and illustrations from an outdated 418-page manuscript as necessary to fully update for publication for a new edition. As Editor and writer, TBS personnel delivered to the Publisher a complete manuscript within a 12-month period that was acceptable to the publisher in content and form. The manuscript consisted of corrections and additions to information made to the purchaser–provided data file of source content and produced a compact disk containing the typed text of all new material and a hardcopy version. The new text, photographs, and drawings were keyed on the manuscript and positioned consecutively in order of their appearance. Captions were provided for all illustrations and were keyed according to the illustrations’ locations in the Work. Manuscript pages were numbered (in pencil) in a single sequence and keyed appropriately in the margin where each photo or drawing was to appear and TBS personnel was responsible to obtain any releases required from models or content owners.

NCO Historical Society & JTilley, Inc.

Writer, Copy Editor, Publisher.  Soldier for Life: Leader Lessons from the 12th Sergeant Major of The Army Jack L. Tilley (Book), 232 pgs.

TBS personnel collaborated with a defense leader SMA Jack Tilley (US Army, Retired), to serve as co-author, copy editor and publisher to ghostwrite the memoirs of the former Sergeant Major of the US Army within 12-months. Managed the creative process from concept to publication and delivery, TBS personnel conducted oral interviews and created a theme and the storyline from a principal with a varied and lengthy career, and transferred his recollections to a viable story of interest to his target demographic. Coordinated with primary personnel for release authority, gathered reviewers and participants, created formats for chapters and sections, and worked with subcontractors for editing and cover design and graphics support. Managed the publication process with a printer and marketed the finished product.

U.S. Army Center of Military History.

Writer, Copy Editor.  Sergeants Major of the Army, 2nd Ed. (Book), 230 pgs.

TBS personnel and other contributors told two stories, an institutional one and a personal one of the men who have the highest position of enlisted military service. Our personnel conducted numerous oral interviews in which to create a flow to allow for a historical perspective and to prepare individual chapters. Conducted research at the US National Archives in Adelphi, MD to identify historical perspective and context, and to locate high-quality photographs for inclusion in the final proof. Reviewed, edited and made changes to each chapter and provided draft manuscript to client editorial staff.

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