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360 Degree Surveys

360-Degree Assessments

In today’s ultra-competitive work atmosphere, professionals must have great decision-making skills. Coupled with this, the ability to solve complex problems, extract solutions and simplify them is key in the modern business climate. Because these are continuously evolving skillsets, various tools and resources are available to sharpen PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS. Another key aspect is how you think and reason. For this, CRITICAL THINKING AND REASONING is an area where employees need to have adequate exposure.

We use multi-source feedback 360-degree assessment tools that provide individuals with straightforward, practical feedback on job-related skills necessary for effectiveness in a management role. Our products simplicity also makes it an ideal first step for organizations that are new to the 360-degree assessment process.


Our sub-contractor Synthesis Technology Assessment & Research, LLC (STAR)Our TBS IDEAL 360˚ (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity) 360-degree survey tool is based on the nine leader competencies of Communication, Conflict Resolution, Professionalism, Integrity, Flexibility, Influence, Team Orientation, Interpersonal, and Emotional Quotient. The process is simple. Participants answer questions about their own leadership capabilities. Your participants and managers and peers answer the same questions about them. Feedback is collected and analyzed, and then ratings are organized by rater group, analyzed, and compared in two ways: first by high and low scores which highlight strengths and development opportunities, and second by drawing attention to the scores that have the largest difference between self and all others’ scores. These gaps indicate hidden strengths and blind spots; in other words, differences in how leaders think they are doing, and how the people perceive them they work with.



The Denison Leadership Development 360 measures a leader’s performance on a set of 12 leadership behaviors linked to high performing business cultures. Based on the Denison Model, this 360-degree assessment benchmarks an individual’s leadership and management skills to those of leaders in other organizations. This 96-item survey leverages feedback from a number of different perspectives, including boss/supervisors, peers, direct reports and others. The survey is user-friendly and administered online through a system that allows leaders to personally manage their Leadership Development Survey process. The Denison Leadership Development Survey 360 is offered in multiple languages and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Denison uses normative scoring to present survey results. We compare your survey data to our global database of over 14,000 leaders (from a wide variety of industries, job functions, management levels, and tenures) and tabulate graphical profiles–represented in a Summary Report–that convey the results in percentile scores.


Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders combines the best of 360-degree feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three strategies to put into action immediately. It uses clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to interpret and explain the data, making the report easy to understand and use. Whether an emerging high potential or an experienced executive, participants incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and bosses into a development plan that is both productive and satisfying, ultimately elevating leadership effectiveness.

Leaders take a two-part, self-rating online assessment that combines the Everything DiSC and Leadership Behaviors assessments to measure their general behavioral style and traits and their leadership preferences and tendencies. Raters are given a two-part, research-validated, online assessment that combines the Leadership Behaviors assessment (also taken by the leader) with an additional Leadership Request survey that asks raters to identify which leadership practices they would like to see the leader engage in more frequently. Leaders can have an unlimited number of raters.



rue Growth 360° Assessment

The True Growth 360 Assessment Tool – Authentic Leader Awareness was developed with professional organizational and individual behavior leaders who understand specific traits of a genuine or authentic leader. This instrument has been used by over 2,000 participants and has been found to be uniquely effective in identifying positive and developmental traits in leaders. The assessment is included in the True Growth Academy. Clients have an option to include the 360 assessment in the 2-day and 1.5 days. The instrument will assess the training course participant (or an individual who requests an assessment) in 25 behaviors found in an authentic leader. The intent is to have an assessment for each leader completed 14 days prior to the training event. The online Assessment process is very easy to use and is designed to minimize time and effort for both the feedback providers and the feedback receivers. Each participant has their own website created. The site is used to send invitation emails, send reminders, collect survey input and keep the participant and trainer advised of the 360 status at all times.


Our surveys can be used with supervisors and managers, as well as individual contributors. It is designed to be easy to complete and simple to interpret. Participants and raters complete a 98-item checklist organized into fifteen competencies, using a strength/development need format, rather than a numerical rating scale. Skillscope presents feedback data in a straightforward, graphic format. The assessment is based on research designed to capture managers’ work as it really is.
Our 360-degree assessment is designed to be easy to complete and simple to interpret. Participants and raters complete a 98-item checklist organized into fifteen competencies, using a strength/development need format, rather than a numerical rating scale. Skillscope presents feedback data in a straightforward, highly visual format.