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Research & Development

Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) Has served as a prime on two successive multi-year contracts in which we took part in coordinated research and analysis with the Government, as represented by the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI). The Government had continuous involvement with the ongoing project and together we took part in a 3-year long program of applied research, development, analysis, and education. The specific goals and objectives were outlined in an approved Research and Development (R&D) Plan which we developed, which includes work areas to:

a. Conduct strategic direction assessment and review. As the prime contractor, TBS personnel were required to review strategies, academic literature and employ organizational development techniques using behavioral science theories.

b. Lead environmental scans to connect research to emerging topics and issues. We used best practice analysis techniques to frame topics and issues. We employed an issue generation process system and led in progress reviews to validate and prioritize issues.

c. TBS personnel formed working groups from within the community being studied by engaging champions, stakeholders, and subject matter experts for surveys, and to validate issues. We used workshops, surveys, and interviews to create datasets on developmental models, as well as other data collection methods.

d. We designed, assessed, and tracked pathways for a complete lifecycle approach to competency development and assessment. This included research tasks, managing timelines, and validated and tested exemplar research products, tools, and prototypes in operational environments.

e. Our last requirement was to document the results of all of our research activities, including creating final reports, briefings, in-progress reviews, and workshops.

We collaborate with our clients to design research studies that investigate specific behavioral phenomena or address particular challenges. This may involve creating surveys, conducting experiments, or analyzing existing data to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior in various contexts. Our role extends to analyzing the data collected during the research phase. We employ statistical methods and behavioral analysis techniques to interpret the findings and draw meaningful conclusions from the data.

Throughout the research and development process, we provide ongoing consulting and advisory services to our clients. We offer expert opinions, address concerns, and provide recommendations based on our behavioral science expertise. In research and development settings, we often collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including psychologists, sociologists, data scientists, and engineers. Our role is to bridge the gap between behavioral science and other relevant fields, fostering a comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

TBS plays a crucial role in supporting behavioral science investigations in research and development by providing subject matter expertise, designing studies, analyzing data, developing interventions, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to contribute to meaningful advancements in understanding and influencing human behavior.

TBS personnel have conducted R&D activities on behalf of the U.S. government as a prime, and over 15 separate research projects as a sub-contractor. Our subject matter experts have executed studies on leader development, training and evaluation,  situational judgement, and the military community. We have led workshops, collected data and interpreted surveys, and briefed civilian and military leadership on study findings and implications.  Our staff has created final products and has briefed audiences, including managers, executives and leaders. We facilitated DoD research studies, provide expert advice on research-related issues, data analysis and interpretation, create briefings and technical reports, and consult on policy.

Our managing partner and principal investigator is a training specialist, researcher, and consultant who is also a noted author and speaker. He has over 20-years of serving as a subject matter expert and participant in research projects and has supported community-focused activities with RAND Arroyo Center, the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), ICF International, and Fors Marsh Group.