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Building a Strong Family

Building a Strong Family™   8-hours

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The Building a Strong Family Workshop is meant to better address couples needs and desires for training. The Building a Strong Family training is a combination of Life Skills training with teambuilding exercises at a ropes course or rock climbing experience. Our approach to the Life Skills training is 100% hands­ on and interactive. We do not utilize PowerPoint presentation or only lecture to deliver our Life Skills training. The Life Skills lessons taught include:

Lesson 1:  An Overview of Building a Strong  Family.  This lesson introduces couples to an overall understanding of Life Skills, exploring its origin, the most current body of research supporting it, and the application of Life Skills in our daily lives. The learning objectives of the lesson are:

  • Learn the concept of Building a Strong Family
  • Understand the concept of Building a Strong Family and how it might be applied to one’s life
  • Identify one’ s strengths

Lesson 2: Overcoming Everyday Adversity. This lesson teaches students how to recognize their thinking processes and emotions, and learn how to control their reactions to uncontrollable events or circumstances. Students learn tools to.divert frustration and stress. The learning objectives of the lesson are:

  • Learn about ATR (adversity, thoughts, and reaction)
  • Discover the emotions that are triggered by a challenging event
  • Realize your ‘hot thoughts’ when an adversity occurs
  • Discover how adversity affects you and others
  • Understand your thoughts and why you react the way you do
  • Gain insight into your reactions and triggers
  • Learn to regulate your reactions and process information to react appropriately

Lesson 3: Relaxation and Meditation Techniques.

  • Learn how to activate the body’s natural relaxation response
  • Practice relaxation techniques

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