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Request a Workshop

Are you ready to schedule resiliency training with Topsarge Business Solutions and you need to know how? Well, you came to the right place, here is a simplified process to get you underway quickly. The first questions to answer are to determine how much training you require (1 session or up to 50 sessions) and do you have a budget. Our workshops are conducted for groups of between 10 to 25 teams, couples, or organizations, and last between 6 to 8hrs long at one of our training sites.

Our services include:

  • 1 of our 4 different proprietary Workshops only; or
  • A Customized Workshop; or
  • 360-degree assessment only; or
  • 1-on-1 Coaching; or
  • A combination of all or some of the services above.

How to Pay

We accept cash, check, credit cards, including personal or Corporate cards, P-cards, and GPC cards. Our staff has the ability to provide a written quote, a course outline, a training agenda, and a Scope of Work. For those with purchasing departments or Supply/S-4/G-4, our team can work directly with your purchasing agencies or contracting officer. If you still have questions please call (254) 853-4410 and we will gladly discuss.

Federal Clients Please Note:

master resiliency training for the Army

GPC Card and micro-purchases (up to $3,5000)

Micro-purchases are done at the discretion of senior officials who hold a Government Purchase Card (GPC), and are done with minimal paperwork, and there’s no registration necessary to qualify. We are registered on FedBid.com Reverse-auction tool for Contracting Officers.

government purchase card

We accept Government Purchase Cards:

Disabled-Veteran Sole Source Award (up to $150,000)

A Contracting officer may award a sole source contract to a Service-Disabled Veteran (SDV) owned company. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations § 19.1406 (a)(3), a sole source award is only permissible where there is only one SDV that can perform the contract. Our Worksips are trademarked and we own the intellectual property, no other SDV (or other firms) are legally allowed to deliver this training.