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Our Clients

Our Clients:

We serve our clients and organizations seeking methods to reach the Federal Government and Miltary as a customer while providing best-practice solutions using a People-Processes-Technology approach. TBS is a uniquely qualified small business solutions provider with a reputation for quality that focuses on managing projects with pride. We use of best-practices that combine our award-winning techniques in helping organizations grow and manage change through the proper use and employment of people.


  • US Army Corps of Engineers*
  • US AbilityOne Commission*
  • US Army School for Command Preparation
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • US Army Research Institute
  • Texas Army National Guard*
  • US Army Operational Knowledge Management Proponent Office



  • Strategic Knowledge Solutions (SKS)
  • Logistics & Environmental Solutions (LESCO)
  • LWMIII Consulting
  • Fors Marsh Group
  • JTilley, INC.


  • Kaplan University
  • Werner Trucking
  • Stackpole Books
  • Army and Airforce Exchange Services (AAFES)
  • Mounted Warfare Foundation
  • Zurican, LLC
  • Boardwalk, LLC