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Social Media Services

TBS operates Centex Social Media Consulting in Bell County

TBS offers Social Media Consulting for businesses and organizations in Killeen, Belton, Temple and across Texas in developing strategy, managing and creating content in the following areas:

Twitter account set-up and Content creation & management

Facebook Business account set-up and Content creation & management

Foursquare and Places Location-based Services Setup, Tutorial and management

LinkedIn Business Page and personal account evaluations

Do not put the cart before the horse, let TBS help you develop a clear plan for your social media efforts. Let us conduct an assessment of your web and social presence, we can provide you a useful plan based on your goals and objectives. Ask us for our free initial consultation to determine your ultimate goals and expectations, and then we can begin a deliberate effort for you. Areas include: evaluating your web presence, social media integration and activity, search engine placement, Klout score, “buzz,” and determine online reputation. Our deliverables include our 10-point plan built upon known facts about your online footprint.

After our initial review we will have a mid-evaluation azimuth check during an on-site follow-up, then we will return with a formal recommendation of our findings. This customized report will serve as the basis for your Social Media Strategy and efforts, and will help you realize the potential of Social Media in your market. You may then choose to implement some, all, or none of our results-based recommendations. You can also decide after you review the report to use internal assets, or to use our services for your Social Media efforts, or choose another firm. There are no obligation after we  deliver (and brief) the final report, but we would hope you would see the value of TBSon your team. Request an Assessment.

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