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Survey and Assessment Interpretation

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Coaching with a 360° survey
360-degree coaching

Using a Coach with 360° Data

I believe that a participant is not likely to interpret 360 results in a meaningful, constructive, and proactive way without the help of a coach. -SANDRA MASHIHI, Interpreting 360-Feedback Results: Who Should Do It?, Envisia Learning

Taking part in personal assessments, surveys and using 360-degree multi-source feedback are all very important tools for a manager and leader to use in their growth and development. But for many, they are only usually faced with one of these oft-times complicated charts, reports and review, and having a professional coach review and interpret the data is a wise investment of time and resources. Whether you are an individual looking to identify strengths, weaknesses or skills, it is always of greater benefit to have a coach participate and help you gain clarity on the message that lies within a survey report.

Some of the surveys we work with and endorse include:

Our trained and certified coaches are led by Dan Elder, and our True Growth® Leadership certified coaches are seasoned practitioner leaders to be coaches through a rigorous action–learning curriculum designed to enhance and refine their skills, preparing them to coach senior leaders from government, defense, and the private sector. Our certified coaches have a clear understanding of the principles of authentic leadership, helping their clients to clarify their life purpose and to align their values with the mission of their organization. Our approach promotes original thinking in relation to both personal and professional development and helps leaders to better understand how to create work environments that embrace change and lead to passionately engaged teams.