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Veteran-owned Business in Temple Picks up new Contract

Press Release

Temple, TX, March 8, 2024 – Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) was recently selected by the U.S. Army to provide technical instructors for the Ordnance School at its Fort Gregg-Adams location in Central Virginia. The $1.6-million contract renewal allows TBS’s Training Department and staff to continue their commitment to supporting the U.S. Army’s recruiting, personnel development and training initiatives. In 2022 the U.S. Army Sustainment Center of Excellence selected TBS as one of four small businesses vendors for a potential $120-million Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

Since their initial award, TBS Training has been providing skilled Soldier for Life instructors to fill various roles across four different task orders at the fort. In this current contract, the core responsibilities of the Mechanical Maintenance Career Management Field involve performing critical functions on Army weapons systems and equipment that encompass maintenance management, recovery, fault diagnostics, repair, overhaul, and component/major assembly substitution and exchange. According to the Program Manager Robin Beth, “We have a phenomenal team on this task order, dedicated and talented. We look forward to continuing to provide quality instruction to the 91 MOS AIT Soldiers and to those Soldiers obtaining their ASI in Wheeled and Tracked Vehicle Recovery.”

Ordnance maintainers play a vital role in supporting the life cycle functions of all Army systems, contributing to the mission readiness of combat, tactical, and ground support systems. New recruits who are trained by TBS employees require advanced technical and tactical skills across a diverse range of areas. These maintainers offer support to every type of Army unit, including Special Missions Units, fully integrating into Two-Level Maintenance and Modular Force structures.

About Topsarge Business Solutions Established in 2013, Topsarge Business Solutions LLC is a Texas-based, service-disabled, veteran-owned firm specializing in workforce development, training and instructional design, and management consulting. The company provides technical expertise, conducts research in the behavioral sciences, and delivers technology services to federal, state, and commercial clients.