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Lending a boost

Just read a little ditty by Robert M. Caruso, “The Social Media Finger Point – Who are you kidding?,” over on Bundlepost, this was a good point about the state of social media advocates and consultants (of which I recently have found myself). Though mostly in the blogosphere and the various other collective and virtual sites, I too have felt a sense of having to “break in” to a club. Though I have been a long-time creator and user of social and collaborative “things,” I only just started to do it professionally on my own. I always feel like I have to explain myself, especially how much of my work was “part time” or what some would consider “hobbiest.”

I hope Mr. Caruso’s comments resonate and a few are reminded of the thrill of their first connections….we all start out somewhere and are lifted to great heights on the backs of others. How about reaching down every now and then and giving a newbie a boost?