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Army Coaching Program for Talent Management

Army Coaching Program

The U.S. Army talent management task force was created to integrate outsourced and in-sourced solutions for personal and professional growth in soldiers and officers. The result was many informal solutions that brought about one solid decision—Army coaching was the key to success. Not only does coaching allow for the opportunity for people to experience growth, but it also maximizes employee value, leadership, and so much more. These are a constant focus for the military and the mission of the Army Talent Management Task Force. Because one goal of the task force is to build career management programs, an Army Coaching Program is the right approach to pair credentialed and certified professionals to develop army leaders (or those receiving the coaching). Army Coaching is something Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) has been doing for 4-years while proclaiming the value of career management programs for years.

What Topsarge is Doing

TBS has been sculpting and developing leaders for years through project management, professional development, and change management services. When TBS started providing options for clients in the world of coaching, they knew that the results were worth sharing and duplicating. Dan Elder, the founder of TBS explained,
“We provide action-focused coaches to assist enlisted leaders to create an individual development plan and share such with their Supervisors.”
This means that TBS coaching creates personalized plans to help individuals succeed in a way that is doable and attainable. Elder explained that what separates him from the rest is that not only does he only utilize credentialed and credible coaches, but he uses experienced coaches.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of helping a person realize their potential and maximize their personal performance. It is guiding someone on their path rather than teaching them. It is a process designed to push you to your fullest potential and allow you to develop in ways that you did not know you could. Often people turn to a coach when faced with important decisions following goals that seem out of reach. It works so well because of the nature of coaching, which allows another person to see your situation from the outside. In the times of change like career transitions, starting a business, or trying to overcome a hurdle in career progression, coaching is the perfect option that will provide solutions, courses of action and prepare you for those difficult situations that are inevitable in your journey.

The Importance of Modality

Any successful mogul will tell you there is no such thing as success without guidance, and the world is turning to see the truth in that statement. Some of the most successful people in the world receive coaching, because coaches can see what we cannot while we are immersed in a situation. The Army Talent Management Task Force has discovered the key to success is not only in working hard, but working smart, which is something that TBS has been a catalyst for throughout the years. We will continue to lead the charge on career advancement with experienced, credentialed and certified coaches, who are prior-military with tried-and-true methods for success and personal growth.