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Evaluation Services – Case Study

evaluation services are valuable for organizations seeking to improve their performance, optimize processes, and achieve their strategic objectives

Experience Providing Evaluation Services

As a leader development and training firm Topsarge Business Solutions has over 10-years providing Training and Development Evaluation. This is highly sought after by organizations that invest in employee training and development and we offer evaluation services to measure the effectiveness of training programs. This includes analyzing the impact of training on employee performance and organizational outcomes.

Our Evaluation Services

TBS offers a wide range of evaluation services to help organizations and government agencies assess their performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. These evaluation services are designed to provide valuable insights and recommendations based on thorough analysis and assessment of various aspects of the client’s operations. Some common evaluation services we provide include Performance and Program Evaluations, Organizational Assessments, and Customer Experience Evaluations.

We have many examples of evaluation services projects in a variety of scope, size, complexity, content, and time frames. Four of our most recent (within the last five years) projects demonstrate not only our experience, but also shows how our management team uses performance measures to gain excellent results. We have successfully served as an extension of our client’s staff in providing consulting services which include writing, editing, research, analysis, data management, surveys, preparing reports and lists while always meeting timelines and deliverables. As a training and educational support firm, some of our best results are in this dimension.

Clients TBS has worked with under contract are: The Department of Justice, National Archives and Records Administration, Presidential U.S. AbilityOne Commission, the Defense Logistics Agency, the U.S. Army, the Texas Army National Guard, and the U.S. Air Force. We have also been sought out by and subcontracted with the research and development agencies ICF International, Inc., Guidehouse LLP, the nonprofit Human Resources Research Organization, Fors Marsh Group, Parallel Consulting, and the federal agency the Army Research Institute.