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Finding the Right Experts

Topsarge Business Solutions

Top Sarge Business Solutions has been selected to be part of the Army Research Institute team to develop Noncommissioned Officers for the Future Force. This team, the Enlisted Leader Research Group, is focused on developing innovative measures and methods to improve and enhance the Solider life cycle through scientific study and research development. This team is a consortium of four of the behavioral research scientists from the Fort Hood Research Unit and some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Retired Senior Enlisted Advisors with deep operational roots at all levels of the military pyramid, from a variety of Military Occupational Skills (MOS) and backgrounds from the United States Army. The behavioral research scientists and Senior Enlisted Advisors are primarily dedicated to the challenges that are facing our Non-Commissioned Officers today and in the future.

Who is a Subject Matter Expert?

Senior Enlisted Advisors are all considered Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in their field. Finding the right SME makes all the difference in the world on a research project. Dan Elder who is the Principal Investigator for the Enlisted Leader Research Group hand-selected each of these SME’s. Dan spent a considerable amount of time looking for an expert in each area of a Soldiers career. Regardless of MOS or duty assignment, this team has a SME for the life cycle of a Solider from recruitment and retention, career track diversity, to transition into Corporate America. The Enlisted Leader Research Group utilizes their expertise over documents and doctrine to ensure that the Behavioral Scientists who are taking part in the survey have all the information they need to ensure that they are on the right path with their analysis. The Enlisted Leader Research Group SME’s have executed studies on military training and evaluation, military community and family affairs as well as led training and interpreted surveys and briefed civilian and military leadership on study findings and implications. Their work for the DoD has spanned a variety of target groups, including Army leadership and junior enlisted Soldiers, current service members from other branches of the armed forces, veterans and their families. They are well versed in facilitating DoD research studies, providing expert advice on research-related issues, data analysis and interpretation, create briefings and technical reports, and consulting on policy.

Meet Our Experts

Recent expertise on the squad and platoon sergeant operations are provided by Kate Bingley and Mark Brummitt, while Duane France provides Company Operations with his experience as a First Sergeant. Thomas Gills and Derek Johnson provide Life Cycle and Human Resource expertise with their Army G-1 experience. Anthony Stoneburg was the Senior Enlisted Leader in the United States Army Recruiting Command providing expertise on recruiting and retention operations. Mellissa McFrazier is an expert in medical operations and hospital care, which is one of the most important resources for any Soldier. Airborne Operations is just one of the many expertise provided by Frank Grippe and Chris Greca, who has served as Rangers at the very highest level at the Army and Joint Operations. While David Turnbull was a Ranger, he also served as an Advisor along with Philip Johndrow in the Training and Doctrine Command to provide expertise in leader development. Rounding out this phenomenal team of expertise of the managing partner and principal investigator Dan Elder whose expertise is in logistics and who also brings experience on multiple research projects in Army-focused activities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Human Resource Research.

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