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It’s a Facebook Nation

Image attributed to The Economist


According to the above graph if Facebook was it’s own country, it would be the 3rd largest. I was searching on the term “Facebook Nation” when I came across this 5-month old chart realizing that the statistics were probably stale. According to Alexa, 40.5% of the global internet users went to Facebook yesterday (Feb 27th).  Facebook is surley a game-changer (hat tip to Leslie Nielson, RIP).

Though I was on the hunt for information relating to the exponential growth and how Companies and Business Owners need to focus more on SM as a target of their advertising dollars and I came across a blog post by Ron Holland talking about hte power of the Individual in the “Facebook Nation.” Mr. Holland was using the recent event in the Middle East where social media and the internet were key in calls to action, and that the power of these tools is going beyond tweets where someone is having lunch today. He noted “A new freedom-oriented Facebook Nation political movement is coming to your country, state and region all because of the internet.”

For Company’s and Brands, need I remind you that there are over 200-million users of the Internet in the US, and according to the US Census over 70% of them use Facebook. The way I see it is that if you only have a little bit of times/money/energy to devote to Soicial Media….well, then it probably ought to be focused on Facebook. But acknowledge that there is a tipping point where doing it by yourself or without adequate resources will hobble your results, so know when it is time to call in an expert.