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Recruiting Using Social Media Tools

Jobvite-Social-MediaAccording to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more organizations are turning to social media sites when recruiting potential job candidates. The number of companies entering the social generation increased from 34% in 2008 to 56% in 2011. As more organizations see the benefits of using social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, the number of those who do not plan to use social recruiting dropped from 45% in 2008 to 21% in 2011.

Statistics like this show that organizations are realizing that knowledge is social. At Topsarge Business Solutions, we guide companies to find the best way of using these tools to further your business. In the survey results from SHRM, 84% of companies reported they are recruiting passive job candidates who might not have been contacted in the past. The survey also showed that companies can target prospective employees with a specific set of skills or job level. For instance, the number of upper-management recruiting is now rising online.

Social media sites not only make it easier to find the best applicant, it is also more cost-effective. Candidates can easily contact your organization to ask about the job opening, and your business spends less money on advertising for the position. The time and money spent on the entire hiring process is now more efficient with the use of these social media tools. From the beginning search to the final interview, all can now be conducted online.

Increasing the applicant field and searching for those who met or exceed the job requirements is now easier with sites like LinkedIn. You no longer need to worry about whether you made the right choice in hiring. With some guidance provided by Topsarge, you will know.

Dan Elder, MKMP