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Case Study – Strengthening a Federal Agency’s Internal Operations

case study from an AbilityOne Commission contractor

Under the delivery order from a small federal agency, Topsarge Business Solutions initially assessed, standardized, updated (per the customer’s directions) the existing policy and procedure library and concurrently developed several brand-new staff publications directed by the customer. Over 30 policy and procedure publications affecting the Agency staff and its two partner organizations were included in this effort by Topsarge. Seeing our proficiency and success, the Agency tasked Topsarge with developing draft deliverables in new policy and procedures to further strengthen and improve the federal agency’s internal operations. Our team developed original material and wrote the proposed final deliverable publications for:

• An efficient spending guide for official travel and conference planning – 57 pages
• A new correspondence “how to” policy – 109 pages
• An internal acquisition guide – 43 pages
• An updated external guide for federal agencies to use when buying products and services through the agency mission program – 39 pages
• A policy on federal internal control compliance – 42 pages
• A document on the compliant handling, storage, routing, and marking of federal controlled unclassified information (CUI) – 29 pages

We are proud we were able to work closely with the agency to meet their requirements for these important internal publications. Learn more about the technical writing services we offer here and reach out to us to see how we can help strengthen your agency’s internal operations.

Bob Sempek,
TBS Policy Analyst