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Facebook Changes to affect Business Pages

Facebook is fast becoming the de-facto standard for internet marketing and as a customer relations platform for companies and brands. However, changes announced by Facebook in August 2010 will go in to affect this month and those changes will likely affect the current and future Fan pages that most businesses use.
A common technique for improving style and design of a Facebook business page has been the use of branding and special coding internal to Facebook called Facebook Markup Language (FBML). Facebook announced FBML would be phased out in the First Quarter of this year, and that date has been set as March 11, 2011.
In its place will be the recently released IFRAMES method of using a Facebook branded “canvas” to pull in pre-existing pages or images on servers outside of the Facebook domain. This upcoming change is fast approaching and some businesses may not yet be prepared, or even know much about this sweeping change to customization.

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Supercharge your Facebook Page

This is the slide deck for my session with the Social Media Breakfast-Killeen, March 2, 2011. These are tips for Company’s and product brands to enhance your customer relations effort using just one social media tool, Facebook. There are others, contact us for details! Supercharge your Fan Page on Facebook View more webinars from Dan Elder

Five Considerations for Businesses who use Facebook

Facebook continues to add new features and improved interfaces that  sometimes catch users and administrators by surprise, and as a result  powerful capabilities go unused. Below are the Top 5 considerations a  business owner should consider in improving their Facebook presence  according to Dan Elder, the Social Media Advocate of Topsarge Business Solutions:


1. Do not mix Personal accounts and Business account. Business owners are best served with a Fan page for their business or products, which can in turn be maintained by one or more than one administrators.


2. Customize your Welcome Page. These “Landing Pages” often form first impression, so use recent Facebook enhancements to make yours “pop.”


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