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Topsarge Business Solutions wins 4 year, 2.6-million-dollar defense contract


August 17, 2022

Temple, TX – On July 27th, 2022, the US government awarded Topsarge Business Solutions LLC (TBS) a 2.6-million-dollar, four-year long contract to help the Army Research Institute (ARI) with methods to develop Senior Noncommissioned Officers. This is the second cooperative agreement with Fort Hood, the successor to the original 4-year agreement with ARI, their Fort Hood Research Unit (FHRU) and the NCO Leadership Development Research Team (NCOLDRT).

Topsarge Business Solutions has been in the Leadership, Development and Training space for thirteen years. Managing Partner Dan Elder states, “TBS is excited to continue our research and development to help develop future Army leaders”.

During this cooperative period, ARI and TBS will continue to bring NCO leadership research to new heights by advancing the development of the Enlisted Leadership Research Group’s (ELRG) Alliance. The parts that comprise the Alliance are the Research Community, which is the FHRU, Allied Research Communities and Industry Partners, TBS contractors and Soldier for Life – Subject Matter Experts (SFL-SME).

About Topsarge Business Solutions

Topsarge Business Solutions with offices in Temple, TX, is a service-disabled, veteran-owned firm that provides professional services to industry and government. First created as a digital collaboration project in 1991, TBS has transformed to a training development, professional services, and research support firm that provides contract services to the public and private sectors.


Press Contact:

Samantha Shepherd
Topsarge Business Solutions
(254) 231-3197