January 2012

social media

Making the Most of Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social sites are effective tools for businesses to target their online audience. The question still remains, how effective are they, really? With so many online marketing tools available, it can be difficult to determine how each social interaction relates to the ROI, or return on investment. In his article, “The Value of a Like,” Adam Woods explores this topic with… Read More »Making the Most of Social Media

Recruiting Using Social Media Tools

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more organizations are turning to social media sites when recruiting potential job candidates. The number of companies entering the social generation increased from 34% in 2008 to 56% in 2011. As more organizations see the benefits of using social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, the number of those who do… Read More »Recruiting Using Social Media Tools