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Creating an infographic based on your resume

Creating an infographic

Poster My Wall infographic Over on LinkedIn is one of my favorite groups Knowledge Management Experts, one of the members shared with the KM community an infographic creation tool called This is a slick personal marketing tool that allows professionals to visually show off one’s skills and experience in a quick way. You may not be familiar with the term information graphic, but consider that it is a way to present a lot of data visually in an eye-appealing sort of way.

If you haven’t heard the term, it is likely you have probably seen a few of them used on the web, and here on my blog Knowledge is Social. A recent one that I used was the one below about How Companies use Social Media to hire employees, and what to do about it. Infographics are quickly becoming quite popular, evidenced by the creation of firms like the powerhouse team that formed is a new infographic company that not only creates high-end infographics but is a community that is attempting to form a community of practice for designers and creative types.

Earlier this year on contributor Ed Zitron wrote about that “The team sees an issue in that there are many great designers out there who can synthesize and turn data into a piece of informational eye-candy with no focused promotional space or marketplace for them to get their much-deserved recognition.”

Getting back to creating your own qualifications masterpiece, according to TechCrunch picked up the scoop from CEO Eugene Woo a few days before. Besides reading the article you can click on their HD video below to learn more about creating your own infographic.

I choose the Lola template because a few others totally ignored 26-years of relevant work experience, so make sure you try all the templates before you publish. And take note that there is a self-rating in the My Profile tab under Skills, you need to fill in the answers if you notice your experience weights are skewed. Overall its a pretty cool tool that you are going to be seeing more about over the coming days and weeks ahead.

It is a pretty cool tool that many will be interested in trying out and seeing how they measure up.

Dan Elder, MKMP