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How Companies use Social Media to hire employees, and what college students are to do about it

How Companies Hire Employees

I was one of the presenters Aug 20th 2011 at Central Texas College Geekfest 2011 where I will be talking to the self-professed “geeks” about the importance of protecting their online reputation, and why it is so important. In today’s culture, especially for those college students fresh out of college who will be entering the job market, managing your own personal “brand” is an important element that often is not regarded by some. Though often many think that this is a problem in youth culture, events like the recent Rep. Anthony Weiner accusation of sending risque photographs to a college coed remind us that often we have to educate people about the perils that lie in the online social sphere.

Like always, the so-what of why the topic is important always helps hammer home a point, and I think this recent info-graphic from Mindflash.com hammers home the importance of guarding your online reputation. Come out and listen to my presentation where I will not only warn about the pitfalls, but what you can do to protect yourself before a problem happens and some tips in how to recover from a slip up.

Come out to this session put on by Topsarge Business Solutions, Saturday, 3pm in Room 121. See their Facebook page for late-breaking news.

Dan Elder, MKMP
Topsarge Business Solutions

3 thoughts on “How Companies use Social Media to hire employees, and what college students are to do about it”

  1. In today’s online world and where social marketing sites reign supreme, anything we say or post has the possibility to haunt us later if we don’t use responsibility and common sense. Gone are the days when we can use being online as a shield to say anything rude or derogatory to anyone or anything. Protecting our reputation online means behaving they we should be — online or offline. 

  2. Building reputation online is part of the many proven strategies to build personal branding. No matter who we are we should be careful with whatever we are saying or posting online as they are sure to stay for a long, long time. When companies are starting to take advantage of the social media, they would surely have access to our information and details of our online habits. 😉 

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