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List of Social Media policies

Whether your company is active on social media or not, your customers and employees most likely are. In this era companies with more than a few employees need to seriously investigate the importance of establish a social media policy. So, where is one to start you ask? TBS is all about sharing best practices across industry and private practice, so below is a listing of a number of policies that may meet your organizations needs.

Organization Title
About.com Template: Blogging and Social Media Policy
About.com Template: Internet and Email Policy
American Institute of Architects Policy on Staff Use of Social Media
American Red Cross Social Media Handbook for Local Red Cross Units
American Red Cross Online Communications Guidelines
amp3 Public Relations Social Media Guidelines
Astonish Results Social Media Policy (for Insurers)
Australian Government: Department of Finance and Deregulation Social Media 101: A Beginner’s Guide for Finance Employees
Australian National Botanic Gardens Social Media Policy
Australian Public Service Commission Interim Protocols for Online Media Participation
Baker & Daniels Social Media Policy
Ball State University Social Media Policy
BBC Social Networking, Microblogs and other Third Party Websites: Personal Use
BBYO Staff/Volunteer Presence on Social Networking Sites
Best Buy Social Media Policy
Bread for the World Online Technologies, Social Media and Bread
BT Forum Guidelines
BT Social Media Guidelines
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Facebook Policy
Capgemini Social Media Guidelines
Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Social Media Guidelines
Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Social Media Guidelines for Consultation
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Share Your Story – Use and Access
Cisco Internet Postings Policy
City of Hampton, VA Social Media Policy
City of Seattle Blogging Policy
City of Seattle Social Media Use Policy
Cleveland Clinic Social Media Policy
Coca-Cola Online Social Media Principles
Daimler AG Social Media Guidelines
Dell Online Policy
DePaul University Social Media Guidelines
Easter Seals Online Community Guidelines
Electronic Frontier Foundation How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)
Eric Schwartzman Social Media Policy Template
eWay Direct Social Media Policy
Fairfax County, VA Facebook Comments Policy
FedEx Blog Policy
Feedster Corporate Blogging Policy
Fellowship Church Personal Website and Weblog Policies
FINRA Guide to the Internet for Registered Representatives
Flickr Community Guidelines
Ford Motor Company Digital Participation Guidelines
Fudder Netiquette
Gartner Public Web Participation Guidelines
General Services Administration (GSA) Social Media Policy
Get Satisfaction Company-Customer Pact
Gibraltar Associates Associates Social Media Policy
GM Blogger Policy
Government of Catalonia Style and Usage Guide of the Government of Catalonia’s Social Networks
Governor of Massachusetts Governor’s Office Social Media Usage and Policies
Greteman Group Social Media Policy
H&R Block H&R Block Response Process
Hamilton College Social Media at Hamilton College
Hamilton County – Jobs and Family Services Guidelines for effective use of social networks, blogs, podcasts and live chats
Harvard Law School Terms of Use
Headset Brothers Social Media Policy
Hill and Knowlton Blogging Policies and Guidelines (selected extracts)
Hill and Knowlton Collective Conversation Code of Conduct
Hill and Knowlton Social Media Principles
HP Code of Conduct
IBM Social Computing Guidelines
IBM Case Study: The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media
InQbation Government Policy Guidelines
Intel Social Media Guidelines
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Social Media Staff Guidelines
International Olympic Committee (IOC) Blogging Guidelines for Persons Accredited at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008
International Olympic Committee (IOC) Blogging Guidelines for Persons Accredited at the XXI Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010
Jaffe Template: Social Media and Social Networking Policies and Procedures
Judith Lindeau Template: Social Media Policy for Associations (Real Estate)
Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy
Kodak Social Media Tips
Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center Comments Policy
LiveWorld Social Media Content Guidelines
Maryland Association of CPAs Social Media Policy
Mason, Inc. Social Media Guidelines
Mayo Clinic For Mayo Clinic Employees
Mayo Clinic Participation Guidelines
Mayo Clinic Comment Policy
Media Law Resource Center Compilation of Legal Actions Against Bloggers
Microsoft Channel 9 Doctrine
Microsoft Tweeting Guidelines and Blogging Guidelines
Missouri Department of Transportation Post A Comment – Use Policy
Mossman Municipal Council (Australia) Mossman Council on Twitter
Mossman Municipal Council (Australia) Mossman Council on Twitter
National Public Radio (NPR) NPR News Social Media Guidelines
New Zealand State Services Commission Principles for Interaction with Social Media
New Zealand State Services Commission The Guide to Online Participation
Nordstrom social networking guidelines for Nordstrom employees
Oce Social Computing Guidelines
Ogilvy Ogilvy PR Global Social Media Guidelines 2010 (DRAFT)
Ohio State University Medical Center Philosophy on Social Media
Ohio State University Medical Center Social Media Participation Guidelines
Ohio State University Medical Center Social Media Participation Policy
Opera Employee Blogging Policy
Orange County County Social Media Use Policy and Procedure
Plaxo Communication (Blogging) Policy
Porter Novelli Our Social Media Policy
Powerhouse Museum Communication Using Public Facing Museum Blogs – Policy
PR-Squared Corporate Social Media Policy: Top 10 Guidelines
Province of Nova Scotia Social Media Terms of Use Guidelines for Employees
Province of Nova Scotia Government Social Media Policy
Razorfish Employee Social Influence Marketing Guidelines
Reuters Reporting From the Internet and Using Social Media
Rhetorica Blogging and Comment Policy
RightNow Social Web Employee Policy
Roanoke County, VA Social Media Policy
Roanoke Times News Standards and Policies
Robert Scoble Press FAQ
Roche Social Media Principles
SAP Social Media Participation Guidelines 2009
Sentara Social Media Policy
Shift Communications Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation
Smithsonian Institution Web and New Media Strategy
Social Media Business Council Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit
Socialfish Social Media Guidelines
SpareBank 1 Rules for Blogging
State of Delaware Social Media Policy
State of North Carolina Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina
Sun Microsystems Guidelines on Public Disclosure
Sun Microsystems Alumni Blog Aggregation Additional Terms
Sutter Health Policy for Social Networking and Other Web-Based Communications
Sutter Health Guidelines for Participation in Online Communities
Telstra 3 Rs of Social Media Engagement
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Blog Policies and Guidelines
The Well Community Guidelines
Thomas Nelson Blogging Guidelines
Thomson Reuters Social Media Guidelines
TNT (Italy) Guidelines for Officials on Social Media (Italian)
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Guideline to Acceptable Use of Internal Wikis and Blogs Within the Government of Canada
Tufts College Social Media Overview
U.K. Government Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments
U.S. Air Force Air Force Blog Assessment
U.S. Air Force New Media and the Air Force
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Jacksonville District Social Media User Guidelines
U.S. Coast Guard Social Media – The Way Ahead
U.S. Department of Defense Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-based Capabilities
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Blogging at EPA for Greenversations
U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising
U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Citizen Services (OCS) Blog Policies
U.S. Navy Web 2.0: Utilizing New Web Tools
U.S. Navy Guidance for Official Posts
U.S. Navy Navy Ombudsman Social Media Handbook
U.S. Navy Navy Command Social Media Handbook
UK Civil Service Code for Online Participation
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Social Media
UK Ministry of Defence Online Engagement Guidelines
Unic Social Media Guidelines
University of Maryland Medical Center Comments Policy and Blog Participation Terms and Conditions
University of Michigan Guidelines for the Use of Social Media
University of Oregon Social Media Best Practices
Vanderbilt University Social Media Handbook
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Social Media Policy
voestalpine Social Media Manual
Wake County, North Carolina Web 2.0 Guidelines for Use
Wal-Mart Twitter External Discussion Guidelines
Walker Art Center Blog Guidelines
Washington Post (via PaidContent.org) Newsroom Guidelines for Use of Facebook, Twitter and Other Online Social Networks
Webtrends Social Media Guidelines
Wells Fargo Community Guidelines
WOMMA Social Media Policy Template
Workplace Fairness Off-Duty Conduct
Yahoo! Personal Blogging Policy

This list is taken from from Social Media Policies, http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php

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  2. These days when social media reigns supreme on the internet, businesses whether big or small must start to consider formulating an acceptable and fair social media policy so as never to be caught off guard when the need arises.

    As a head department, I pushed for this even last year and this year we already adopted a policy pertaining to online use and social media usage for all employees and executives to follow. This is really very important.

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