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Make your website popular

How to make your website popular

One of the most popular ways to increase traffic to your website is to have inbound links, but all links are not the same. You want links that have “Juice.” As a Social Media consultant to businesses in the Central Texas area, I am often asked by people new to search engine optimization and web design how to get people more people to come to their page?

Over on Forum Docs there was a recent post that describes some attributes and description on Link Juice that is worth the read. The points they bring out is how to qualify the value (or importance) of links by their attributes. The question becomes how do you get those backlinks you need to drive more search traffic your way?

A simple places to make sure your site is listed on is the Open directory Project at . Simply pick your subject and ensure you provide all the relevant data. There you go, your first backlink with Juice! Next up is to head over to Google and Yahoo and look at how you can submit links via their submission services. And of course if you have a blog, don’t forget to register it with Technorati.

If you are in Central Texas and are considering expanding your website presence or creating a new look, you want a professional who can help you navigate the world wide web. We know how to build your site, integrate social media or blogs, or otherwise provide you the permanent online presence that you expect.

Dan Elder, MKMP
Topsarge Business Solutions