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Optimize your site for Google search

Do you have a website or a presence on the web that you want to make sure is optimized for Google? Well, look no more, Google provides webmaster’s some basic guidelines on their Webmaster Support page, but Search Engine Optimization is a huge industry where a small business owner must tread lightly.

Optimize your Site

According to the 2010 Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the craft of elevating websites or individual website pages to higher rankings on search engines through programming, marketing, or content acumen.” There are some unscrupulous SEO companies that use deceptive techniques to raise your placement on search sites like Google and can be damaging for your brand, and also give a bad name to valuable techniques often provided for free from sites like our fav is http://www.websitegrader.com, by hubspot.com. But the details are always the important part of any effort, so if a business has the resources to employ or hire a SEO specialist, it may be a worthwhile investment in a competitive market.

There is much to know about SEO or optimizing your site for search, but don’t take it lightly. In a smart phone driven world with search placement a huge discriminator, your business should review some of these tips and tricks.

Dan Elder, MKMP
Topsarge Business Solutions

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  1. Search Engine Optimization is a critical aspect in online business because this is a way to generate organic traffic from different search engines. We must remember though to play by the rule and never get involved with black hat type of SEO unless a person knows what he is doing. We can and should learn SEO. 

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