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Social Media is a paradigm shift for Business

Social Media is a paradigm shift

Social Media is a paradigm shift,
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Here I am, Dan Elder, owner and Chief Consultant of Topsarge Business Solutions, conducting the opening session at one of our Social Media seminars held in Temple, TX. During my overview of the Social Media Landscape to set the foundation for the rest of the morning events, I pause to describe the changing nature of the Socially aware business.

3 thoughts on “Social Media is a paradigm shift for Business”

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  3. When internet started, only a few profit-oriented businesses went with it but right now it would be almost impossible to do business without being online and in extension utilizing the advantages presented by the social media.

    Social media created a very big opportunity for businesses to come over and connect with their targeted market even on a shoe-string budget. At last, small herds now have bigger chances to level off the field with their giant competitors.

    And this revolution expected to dominate the landscape even many years from now.

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