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June 2019

Creating an Emerging Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Emerging Leadership Development At Topsarge Business Solutions our core missions include our mission to develop new and emerging leaders for organizations. If a picture is worth a thousand words our approach is shown through our workforce development model below. You will note that our model is underpinned by the elements of awareness of self, incorporating feedback from those within our various circles of influence (COI),… Read More »Creating an Emerging Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

case study from an AbilityOne Commission contractor

Case Study – Strengthening a Federal Agency’s Internal Operations

Under the delivery order from a small federal agency, Topsarge Business Solutions initially assessed, standardized, updated (per the customer’s directions) the existing policy and procedure library and concurrently developed several brand-new staff publications directed by the customer. Over 30 policy and procedure publications affecting the Agency staff and its two partner organizations were included in this effort by Topsarge. Seeing our proficiency and success, the… Read More »Case Study – Strengthening a Federal Agency’s Internal Operations

Organizational Development through Training

Develop your staff through Training Let us help you train and develop your workforce and emerging leaders through Organizational Development via one of our existing corporate training programs, or we can create customized training modules that meet your needs. Whether you are looking to improve team building, customer service, increase sales, communication skills, reduce conflict or build better leaders, Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) has a… Read More »Organizational Development through Training

Situational Leadership

Situational leadership is a leadership style that has been developed and studied by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey. Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence. Leadership Behaviors are easy to understand, though perhaps requiring effort to perform consistently. Behavior change gives every leader a path forward to increasing… Read More »Situational Leadership