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TBS’ STAR 360 Action Report Updates: Feedback into Action

The STAR 360 Report is one of Topsarge Business Solutions’ most impactful tools to help you get the most out of your team. Unlike other 360 reports, the action report implements a strategic plan that allows participants to make practical goals towards professional success. How does it do this? It focuses on the emotional side of participants and allows managers and mentors to become agents of change without the demand of being an expert. 

What is Star 360 Action Report?


The Star 360 Action Report is a feedback report that promotes confidence, clarity, and motivation as participants become proactive in building the next steps for their professional success. It utilizes feedback for a curated experience for each individual’s development. It generates a practical development plan that encourages long-term behavioral improvement.

How does it work?

It uses feedback as a source of action by highlighting six principles that drive improvement:

STAR 36 feedback

  1. Change
  2. Positive mindsets
  3. Self-discovery
  4. Improving one skill at a time
  5. Turning Theory into Action
  6. Accessing readiness to change

Each principle serves a vital role in turning feedback into action. With change being first and foremost, it serves as the catalyst for the development process. It doesn’t stop but remains continuous beyond the report. It uses feedback as the backbone as the motivation for change which then produces a positive mindset in participants. From there, participants continue improving one skill at a time instead of multi-tasking. Prioritizing each skill allows them to put their feedback into action because they are constantly building on their weaker skills. 

How does Topsarge use the Star Action 360 Report?

Topsarge coaches participants through the process and builds a custom experience for each individual. Once participants have completed their action report, Topsarge will schedule a one on one coaching session with a TBS leadership coach. The ability to review the report and develop an action plan in real-time makes the Star Action 360 Report an essential investment to businesses, organizations, and individuals.