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Optimize your site for Google search

Do you have a website or a presence on the web that you want to make sure is optimized for Google? Well, look no more, Google provides webmaster’s some basic guidelines on their Webmaster Support page, but Search Engine Optimization is a huge industry where a small business owner must tread lightly. Optimize your Site According to the 2010 Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, “Search Engine… Read More »Optimize your site for Google search

What is a Social Media Breakfast?

A Social Media Breakfast I volunteer with the Central Texas Workforce Business Resource Center (http://www.workforcelink.com/newworkforce/brc.html) to lead a monthly Social Media seminar for business people to come out and learn about social customer relations management. It’s free  continuing education provided by the BRC, I donate my services. Here is how it came about. The BRC Program Manager Marcus Carr came upon a grass-root group in Austin… Read More »What is a Social Media Breakfast?

Looking to Hire?

Check out my credentials, I may just be the person you are seeking. Full-time, part-time, contract or other, let’s talk. Go to my profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/topsarge and see. via topsarge.com Seeking work

Topsarge Chief Consultant awarded Master KM Professional

      April 8, 2011 WASHINGTON, DC Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP): The Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro) has announced the name of its member who has completed KMPro Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP) certification after completing MKMP qualifications. The MKMP designation is awarded by KMPro to experienced practitioners in the field of Knowledge Management (KM) based upon demonstration of practical application… Read More »Topsarge Chief Consultant awarded Master KM Professional

Generation Y, the Social Generation

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Generation Y: Socially Connected View more presentations from Dan Elder Hello fellow Social Media enthusiasts! I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone! My name is Dani Elder and I presented a powerpoint on Generation Y at the Topsarge Social Media seminar last month. I can tell you from real world experiences that Generation Y makes up the majority of social media users. The more interesting information that… Read More »Generation Y, the Social Generation

Social Media is a paradigm shift for Business

Social Media is a paradigm shift, originally uploaded by dandotelder. Here I am, Dan Elder, owner and Chief Consultant of Topsarge Business Solutions, conducting the opening session at one of our Social Media seminars held in Temple, TX. During my overview of the Social Media Landscape to set the foundation for the rest of the morning events, I pause to describe the changing nature of… Read More »Social Media is a paradigm shift for Business

When your bad news goes viral

Last week I was leading a training session to an eclectic group on damage control in the social sphere where I was talking to the attendees about the importance of formulating a plan and getting management buy-in before troubles happen. If not, the risk of a knee-jerk response, especially by non-internet savvy types, or a heavy handed approach on open, 3rd party social media platforms could lead to some embarrassing repercussions. Like what happened with Nestle where they got in a shouting match with the internet, and lost. It happened last spring, but it was covered a bit this month over on the Perception People blog.

A good example of a  series of pre-planned responses is in the form of a triage flow chart prepared by the American Society of Civil Engineers, which was highlighted in a post on SOCIALFish blog. Author Maddie Grant also listed 5 valid points she gleaned from the chart, but I suggest you add get buy in from the highest levels so when you have to put it in action folks don’t lose their nerve. This is a good write up on a timely topic, “what do I do when….” discussions always come up when I am addressing management about to undertake a concentrated social media effort. As Maddie mentions, this is a good visual, and is useful if tailored for each organization.
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Social Media Overlap

Social Media Overlap


Social Media Overlap,

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While doing some research for my upcoming seminar I was looking for a catchy graphic that really summarizes the “why” a company needs a Social Media policy, or at least publish some employee guidelines that clarify a company’s position on Social Media. I was fresh off reading a blog post by Mike Volpe on one of my fav sites Hubspot, where he passionately explains last July why he believes “A Social Medial Policy is Stupid.”

I was still mulling over Marks thought about governance and I was thinking of Ford’s Policy…well, more guidelines than policy. It was also July when Lydia Dishman of Fast Company noted in her blog post on policy that Scott Monty, their Social media guru listed 10 guidelines. You can check them out at: Fastcompany, but they are:

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