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Make your website popular

How to make your website popular One of the most popular ways to increase traffic to your website is to have inbound links, but all links are not the same. You want links that have “Juice.” As a Social Media consultant to businesses in the Central Texas area, I am often asked by people new to search engine optimization and web design how to get… Read More »Make your website popular

Three considerations to gain control of content overload

Over on Mashable Business blogger and VP for digital media at MTV Dermot McCormack lays out what he calls the 3 Commandments for the Next Online Content Leaders. I gave it a look-see as creating, applying, organizing and transferring knowledge has been a formula that made Topsarge Business Solutions the company it is today and we often tout that content is king. I used to be wary when some… Read More »Three considerations to gain control of content overload

How Companies use Social Media to hire employees, and what college students are to do about it

How Companies Hire Employees I was one of the presenters Aug 20th 2011 at Central Texas College Geekfest 2011 where I will be talking to the self-professed “geeks” about the importance of protecting their online reputation, and why it is so important. In today’s culture, especially for those college students fresh out of college who will be entering the job market, managing your own personal “brand” is… Read More »How Companies use Social Media to hire employees, and what college students are to do about it

Unit Cycle dictates knowledge management posture

Where your unit is in the Army Forces Generation cycle dictates how it approaches knowledge management activities. For example, when you begin a cycle, usually at the conclusion of an operation or deployment, knowledge workers gather observations and best practices, archive and catalog good ideas and best practices, and finally improve processes that did not work so well. As equipment and people are reset, new… Read More »Unit Cycle dictates knowledge management posture

Plotting the Ability to Collaborate

I was recently reading a blog post “A Practical Guide To Collaboration” on Federal Computer Week by Steve Kelman who was quoting from a recent book called “Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results” by Haas School of Business professor Morten Hansen of UC Berkley, who shares his 20-years experience researching how companies collaborate . The commentary was not a… Read More »Plotting the Ability to Collaborate

Topsarge Capabilities Word Cloud

I got his idea from my pal Joe Pearson, a Senior Forums Facilitator supporting the Department of Defense out of Austin, TX. Here is a Wordle Tag Cloud based on keywords prevalent in my LinkedIn Profile. The more often a word is mentioned, the larger the font is. You can use Wordle to build a tag cloud for any topic, like a book report, a… Read More »Topsarge Capabilities Word Cloud

10 Awesome Video Tips For Getting More Out Of Google +

10 Awesome Video Tips For Getting More Out Of Google + http://www.simplyzesty.com/goo?gle/10-awesome-video-tips-for-?getting-more-out-of-google/ “Nobody knows if Google + is going to take over from Facebook or even replace it in the long term but if you do want to start getting the best out of it you are going to have to learn some of it’s best features and this handy list of tips will help… Read More »10 Awesome Video Tips For Getting More Out Of Google +

The GeoSocial Universe in pictures

It’s a bit dated, but JESS3 re-released their assessment of the GeoSocial Networking environment in an info-graphic. Though the data is similar to its original graphic of the GS universe, the latest shows the data in a number of usable formats. Below is a slideshare presentation with a number of pictorial depictions. [slideshare id=8158269&doc=jess3geosocialuniverseremixdeck-110518133007-phpapp02-110531025112-phpapp02] Dan Elder, MKMP Topsarge Business Solutions @dandotelder